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A Recipe for Healthy Parrots


GM Breeders is a prime example of one of the world’s most sought after entities – an Israeli Start-Up company. Situated in the beautiful, fertile, Jezreel Valley close to Israel’s largest northern city, the ancient port of Haifa, GM was founded in 2010 by Gai Sagi, a Biotec graduate who has been breeding parrots professionally for the past 20 years.


GM Breeders Natural Digestive Formula (NDF) is produced in one of Israel’s largest industrial plants, a state-of-the-art facility that encompasses a broad range of new and unique manufacturing technologies.


It’s balanced and precise mix of ingredients is meticulously tested in the country’s leading human and animal food GLP laboratory, in order to provide the best and healthiest solution for your parrot’s natural requirements.


The company is financially stable, with successful, experienced investors and benefits from a group of expert advisers in the field of bird nutrition and avian veterinary medicine.


Parrots are among the most expensive and threatened of birds and GM was created to help the world’s breeders achieve superlative results. Our vision is to ensure that the food parrots receive is of exceptional quality, highly nutritious and makes a major contribution to producing healthier birds, prolonging their longevity, enhancing their plumage and, most importantly, ensuring enhanced reproductive qualities.


GM’s products are the culmination of years of research and experience leading to the development of a range of specific, unique formulas, designed to provide optimum answers to the needs of many different Parrot species. They consist of high quality raw materials, manufactured using technology that allows maximum retention of nutritional values whilst stressing protection of the environment.


We, at GM Breeders know that only with a true love of living creatures combined with a passionate regard for safeguarding our natural resources, can such wonderful results be achieved.

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